About Raff

My name is Raff, and I love to craft.

Ever since I was a wee sprite, I’ve been drawn to taking things apart or building things from scraps. I would beg my parents for any old pieces of broken radios, computers, and anything else remotely mechanical so that I could create Frankenstein-esque model airplanes with moving props and working lights. I was fascinated with all of the possibilities of things that could be created with my own two hands.

Standing on the top of an old fort I built when I was 13 years old
Little, 13-year old Raff standing atop the ramshackle roof of a log cabin fort I was building.

For several years after finishing my degree in Criminal Justice, I did a slew of adventuring and traveling, which isn’t super conducive to having a shop to craft things in! But, having now decided to take off my traveling boots and settle down, I’m ready to set up shop, get back to my old shenanigans, and share it all with you.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to take apart larger things than those old radios and computers that my parent’s donated, and work with bigger tools than an old butterknife and Phillips head screwdriver. Some of the things I’ve built have been useful, and some have simply been visually appealing – and, well, some have been neither, I’m afraid!

Here at Craft, you’ll find a similar array of information. Some of it will be useful, ie. tool reviews and project details, and some of it will be visually appealing, and… some of it will just be fun – which I suppose is arguably what is the most important of all, and hopefully, none of it will be none of the above!

I’m by no means an expert and most of the time learn through a hard slog of mistakes, clumsy errors and hours and hours of research, but if you follow along, at least you can be one of the smart few who learn from someone else’s mistakes as opposed to their own.

I hope, at the very least, you will find this space entertaining and inspiring.

After all, if Raff can craft it, you certainly can too.


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  1. Hi Raff,
    I too, like you, love the feel and design of old tools. I found your page when I was trolling ebay to try and sate my cravings for wood working craft makers and came across a rusty Acorn plane. Not knowing anything about the name of this forgotten relic, I came across your page in my search about the history of it. After reading your story about it, I followed my original feelings and grabbed it before anyone else could. I will be restoring and repairing with a desire to get it looking good as I have done to recent Stanley’s ones I have acquired. My workshop is growing with the tools of my Dad and my Grandfather, and my additions with modern equipment, but the hand tools are my joy and passion. I wait for my package to turn up so I can lay out my Tool Cloth and dismantle this plane to bring it back to life.

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